Friday, August 26, 2016

New Method of In-Vitro Maturation Offers Hope

International Business News (Aug. 23, 2016): Potent New Fertility Technique Prevents Side-Effects of In-Vitro Fertilisation for Women, by Léa Surugue:

A new method of in-vitro maturation of eggs promises to improve infertility treatment for some couples pursuing in-vitro fertilization.  IVM frees women from having to take as many hormonal injections as they prepare their ovulation cycles for the rigors of IVF.  Eggs are removed from their ovaries before the eggs are completely mature.  They are matured in the laboratory before being fertilized.  The new technique treats the harvested eggs with sythetic cumulin, a substance that is produced when women use hormones to boost their egg production as they prepare for IVF.  It appears the method could lead to more successful pregnancies than standard IVF.  In the meantime, more tests will have to be conducted before the new method can be offered to patients.

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