Saturday, July 16, 2016

Will Delaware Become a Birth-Control Utopia?

New York Magazine (July 14, 2016): Will Delaware Become a Birth-Control Utopia?, by Susan Rinkunas:

Delaware doctors will begin asking patients with the capacity to give birth if they intend to become pregnant within the next year at doctor's appointments, even when it's just a visit to their primary care doctor. If the patent intends to become, or intends to start trying to become, pregnant, they will be advised on prenatal care; if not, they will talk with their physicians about contraception options. This program was started by governor Jack Markell in response to the state having a high unintended pregnancy rate, and the program is said to be on track to be fully implemented within the state by 2017, and is progressive, inclusive, and ambitious: 

This new contraceptive world will be the result of a collaboration called Delaware CAN. Upstream     USA will train providers at publicly-funded clinics as well as 30 to 40 of the largest healthcare     providers across the state. The goal is for all women, whether they have insurance or not, to be asked     about their pregnancy plans and given birth control if they want it, at no cost. Billing staff will also be     trained on how to code for procedures not usually done in these offices so that they’re reimbursed     properly.

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