Sunday, January 24, 2016

Significant increase in abortion restrictions since 2011

Vox (January 22, 2016): A quarter of all post-Roe abortion restrictions were passed in the last 5 years, by Sarah Kliff and Javier Zarracina:

States have passed 288 abortion restrictions since 2008. These restrictions constitute 27% of restrictions passed in the 42 years since Roe v. Wade.  Abortion restrictions began rising in 2011 following the national debate about whether abortion would be covered in health plans offered on the health care exchanges created by Obamacare.  Republican legislators took the battle to the state level to introduce legislation banning insurance coverage for abortion. According to Vox "Abortion restrictions often come in waves; one state will pass a new type of law, and then others follow":

The waves of new abortion restrictions tend to cluster around specific approaches to regulation. About half of those enacted since 2011 fall into four categories: bans on abortion at 20 weeks, limitations on insurance coverage of abortion, limitations on medical abortions, and targeted regulations of abortion providers (like the admitting privilege laws).

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