Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bureau of Justice Statistics Releases Report on Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Feministing (Jan. 21, 2016): DOJ Campus Survey: At One School, 1 in 2 Women have been Sexually Assaulted, by Mahroh Jahangiri:

The Bureau of Justice Statistics released yesterday the overall results of a sexual assault survey of nine schools. More than 23,000 students responded. .... Overall, 25% of female respondents across the 9 schools reported experiencing some form of sexual assault since they enrolled at their schools. There was high variability between schools: at one, 1 in 2 women were sexually assaulted during their time in college; at another, 1 in 8.

Issues highlighted by the report include: 

  • Rates of sexual assault are highest not only among undergraduate women, but for those students identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or another identity not listed on the survey.
  • Intimate partner violence: nearly one out of ten college students has experienced violence within a relationship.
  • Rates of reporting are low, with only "1.1% of sexual battery incidents and 4.2% of rape incidents" reported to any law enforcement agency.
  • The educational impacts of campus rape are serious, with many victims considering dropping out of school or transferring, and others dropping classes as a result. 

The full report can be found here


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