Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Study Shows Over 100,000 Texans Have Attempted Self-Induced Abortions

Feministing (Nov. 22, 2015): At Least 100,000 Texans of Reproductive Age Have Attempted to Self-Induce an Abortion, by Maya Dusenbery:

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear a case involving anti-choice laws that have severely restricted access to abortions in Texas, a new study shows just how devastating these laws have been. The study estimates that at least 100,000 Texans of reproductive age have attempted to end a pregnancy without medical assistance. The report comes from the Texas Policy Evaluation Project, which has previously explored other consequences of the anti-choice laws that have slashed the number of clinics in the state in recent years. Today, half of Texas women now struggle to get reproductive health care and family planning services, the legal abortion rate has decreased by 13 percent, and wait times to get the procedure have increased to 20 days in some cities.

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