Sunday, November 8, 2015

The ACA's contraceptive mandate returns to the Supreme Court

The Atlantic (Nov. 6, 2015): The Little Sisters of the Poor are Headed to the Supreme Court, by Emma Green:

On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to take a set seven cases related to the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive mandate.  Emma Green writes:

All [seven cases] have come through different circuit courts in the past months, where they’ve mostly lost. But, these cases are a big deal: They are the latest in a long series of challenges to this portion of the law, the most notable of which was last summer’s Hobby Lobby case, which involved for-profit employers.

Religious organizations are exempt from the contraceptive mandate. Religious non-profits and (after Hobby Lobby) closely held, for profit businesses that have a religious objection have an accommodation that allows them to fill out a form which prompts a third-party to provide coverage instead.  According to Green, the plaintiffs in the seven cases say that "they believe filling out the form still amounts to complicity in providing people with contraception."

Still no word on whether the Supreme Court will hear an abortion case this term. 

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