Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Indian Government Moves to Ban Foreigners from Surrogacy

CTV News (Nov. 7, 2015): Anguish after India Moves to Ban Surrogacy for Foreigners:

After banning gays and singles from having children with the help of Indian surrogates in 2012, the Indian government has now ordered infertility clinics to cease serving foreigners altogether, citing sketchy ethics in the surrogacy industry.  The move led immediately to an outcry by those in the industry worried about cases in progress.  In response to the new policy, one court ruled that the ban would be lifted for couples working with two clinics in Bombay.  But there are no guarantees that others already pursuing surrogacy will be able to continue.

Surrogates, too, have been aggrieved by the change.  Only through surrogacy have some women been able to afford homes or to send their children to school. 

Industry leaders in India worry that the new ban will drive international commercial surrogacy in India underground.


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