Thursday, July 10, 2014

Center for Reproductive Rights Seeks Stories for "Draw the Line" Campaign

From the Center for Reproductive Rights:

CRR Storytelling Project Guidelines:

The Center is looking for stories to launch the second phase of our Draw the Line campaign. With this shift in the campaign, we are aiming to collect a diverse set of personal stories around reproductive health care and the key role it has played in folks' lives. The stories can include everything from abortion to contraception to fertility to breast cancer treatment.

The goal is to humanize the public conversation around reproductive health care to get the attention of key stakeholders in the fight by 1) illustrating how reproductive health is essential to everyone's life; and 2) illustrating the impact of current anti-reproductive health legislation on people's lives.

We are accepting several formats — video, text, and audio. But currently, we're looking for stories in video — 1 minute in length. Here are the guidelines for sharing your story:

For your video, do what comes naturally to you in telling us your story, but consider telling us:

  1. A little bit about yourself (e.g., where you're from, what you do, what role you play in your family or community)
  2. Why reproductive health care is so important in your life, and how having access to it (or not having access to it) has impacted you (e.g., your family, your education, your career)
  3. What you'd like to say to politicians who attack the reproductive health care that's been important to you and others across the country

Again, here a few pointers on taking a good video:

• If using your smartphone/iPhone: Hold phone HORIZONTALLY to get the widest angle of footage available

• To make sure we can hear you, please shoot in a quiet environment

• Make sure light is on your face and not behind it

Any questions? Email Kristen Thompson at

Send video to Kristen Thompson at or Melissa Green at OR upload it to (make sure to make it private!) and send Kristen the link.

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