Sunday, May 11, 2014

The New York Times on the Real Motivation Behind TRAP Laws

The New York Times - editorial:  Real Goal of Abortion ‘Limits’: Bans:

Anti-abortion groups that saw a chance to get state legislatures to restrict women’s reproductive rights piously declared that all they wanted to do was to make women safer. This argument had little credibility then, and it has even less now. What has actually happened is that in state after state, with the enthusiastic support of Republican lawmakers, it has become increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for women to get safe and legal abortion care.

“In some parts of the country,” says Brigitte Amiri of the American Civil Liberties Union, “women will be living in a pre-Roe v. Wade situation, when those who weren’t wealthy or couldn’t travel long distances — especially the young and poor — couldn’t access safe and legal abortion services.” . . .

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