Monday, May 26, 2014

Protestors Greet Wendy Davis in LA with "Abortion Barbie" Posters

The Huffington Post:  Wendy Davis Greeted By 'Abortion Barbie' Posters In Los Angeles, by Laura Bassett:

Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis received a hostile greeting in Los Angeles Thursday morning, when life-sized posters depicting her as "Abortion Barbie" began popping up throughout the city ahead of her fundraiser there.

The posters say "Hollywood welcomes Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis," and they show Davis' face on a mostly-naked barbie doll with a plastic baby in her belly. Conservative pundit Erick Erickson nicknamed Davis "Abortion Barbie" earlier this year because when she was a state senator, she stood on her feet and spoke for 11 hours straight to filibuster a draconian package of anti-abortion bills. . . .

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