Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Loyola Marymount Drops Staff Health Insurance Coverage for "Elective" Abortions

The Los Angeles Times: Loyola Marymount drops health coverage for 'elective' abortions, by Larry Gordon:

Employees will instead be offered a separate plan to cover the procedures. The decision is seen as a compromise between abortion foes and a more liberal group.

Amid a debate about the role of Catholic colleges in a secular society, Loyola Marymount University this week decided to drop staff health insurance coverage for "elective" abortions and instead offer employees a separate, unsubsidized plan to cover those procedures.

The move was seen on campus as a compromise between traditionalist alumni and faculty — who think the university should have nothing to do with abortion — and a more liberal group who contend LMU should not impose religious doctrine on the large number of non-Catholics it enrolls and employs. . . .

Earlier coverage:

The New York Times: Abortion Vote Exposes Rift at a Catholic University, by Ian Lovett:

LOS ANGELES — Not three weeks have passed since Pope Francis said the church had grown “obsessed” with abortion, declaring, “We have to find a new balance.” But on the campus of Loyola Marymount University, overlooking this city’s west side, a fight over abortion now threatens to rip the school asunder. . . .

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