Sunday, June 30, 2013

Texas Senator Wendy Davis Becomes Media Darling After Her Filibuster of Omnibus Abortion Bill

The Washington Post (editorial): Wendy Davis is a formidible foe of abortion restrictions:

Wendy DavisIN A moment made for Twitter, Texas Sen. Wendy Davis stood for more than 13 hours and filibustered an abortion-restricting bill into the wee hours of Tuesday night. Ms. Davis’s physical feat and her remarkable personal story captured the country’s attention — but her victory looks shaky. The state legislature is convening for another special session Monday at which the bill — which restricts abortion by creating unnecessary regulations — is expected to be reintroduced. . . . (editorial): Wendy Davis’s Argument and the Future of Abortion Rights:

Was Wendy Davis’s valiant filibuster also in vain? After all, the Texas Legislature is set toreconvene this week and probably move to the governor the same measure she opposed last week, which would restrict access to abortion. . . .

The Huffington Post: Wendy Davis Reflects On Filibuster And The Coming Special Session Abortion Fight, by Jason Cherkis:

After Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis' 11-hour filibuster helped defeat a controversial anti-abortion bill aimed at severely cutting access to abortion services across Texas, even her Republican colleagues had to express their admiration. . . .

The Los Angeles Times: Texas Sen. Wendy Davis' abortion filibuster galvanizes activists, by Molly Hennessy-Fiske & Mark Z. Barabak:

In a chaotic late-night scene that played out beneath the Capitol dome in Austin, a Texas lawmaker with pink sneakers and the steely resolve of a branding iron single-handedly stopped an effort to drastically curtail abortion in the Lone Star State. . . .

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