Tuesday, June 18, 2013

House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban

Time - Swampland blog: House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban, by Kate Pickert:

Capitol RotundaIn what some conservatives are calling the most important abortion measure to be considered by Congress since 2003’s partial birth abortion ban, the House today passed a bill that would make it illegal to terminate pregnancies after 20 weeks. The bill, which passed 228-196, is not expected to have an impact on federal abortion law. The Senate is unlikely to take up the bill and the White House has already threatened to veto such legislation if it ever lands on President Obama’s desk. . . .

The Washington Post - The House abortion bill likely won’t make it into law. But it still matters., by Juliet Eilperin:

The House bill that would ban abortions starting at 20 weeks, which passed Tuesday night 228 to 196, presents a clear challenge to federal law. But the White House has issued a veto threat, and the measure lacks the votes right now to pass the Senate.

Does it matter?

From a political standpoint, the answer is yes. . . .


Before passing the ban, GOP leaders added an exception for cases of rape, undermining all the moving rhetoric about "welcom[ing] young children who can feel pain into the human family."  "Young children" who are the product of rape don't get welcomed into the human family?

CNN: House GOP leaders add rape exception to abortion bill, by Deirdre Walsh:

House Republican leaders are hoping to head off a repeat of last week's controversy over the issue of whether there should be an exception for cases of rape and incest in a GOP sponsored bill banning late term abortions by adding that exception before the House debates the measure on Tuesday. . . .


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