Thursday, January 31, 2013

Linda Greenhouse on Roe's Legacy

NPR  Roe v. Wade at 40:  A Look at Its Legacy:

Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion, just turned 40. Host Neal Conan speaks with Linda Greenhouse, who covered the Supreme Court and writes in a New York Times opinion piece that it  Linda_greenhousewas about "the rights of doctors...acting in what they considered to be the best interest of their patients." . . .

The New York Times: Misconceptions, by Linda Greenhouse:

Francis Lorson, the longtime chief deputy clerk of the Supreme Court, once told me the following story. On a January day in the mid-1970s, he and Justice Potter Stewart were in an official car traveling from the court to the White House, where the justice was to preside at a swearing-in ceremony. As they rode along Pennsylvania Avenue, they saw a crowd heading in the opposite direction, up Capitol Hill toward the court. . . .

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