Thursday, November 29, 2012

State Laws Are Calling for Anti-Abortion Material to be Showcased on State Websites

Lincoln Journal Star: Anti-abortion group wants ultrasound images on state website, by Kevin O’Hanlon:


An anti-abortion group wants Nebraska lawmakers to pass legislation that requires four-dimensional ultrasound images of human fetuses to be posted on a state website.


So-called 4-D ultrasounds take images of the fetus from several angles, showing such things as facial features and capturing movement.


Nebraska Right to Life said Tuesday it has been in contact with Kansans for Life about legislation passed in Kansas that resulted in such images being shown on that state's Department of Health and Environment website as part of its "informed consent on abortion" statute. . . .

Arizona Daily Sun: Website details abortion risks, by Howard Fischer:

PHOENIX -- State health officials are implementing parts of a controversial abortion law even as one section is being challenged in court.

The Department of Health Services this past week erected a website designed to give those considering an abortion a list of things that can go wrong. The site, mandated by lawmakers and the governor earlier this year, also has an ever-developing list of services available to women who decide to keep their babies, from adoption services to diaper banks. . . .

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