Saturday, November 17, 2012

Do "Pro-Life" Legislators and Advocates Really Want to Ban Abortion?

Slate - XX Factor: "Pro-Life" GOP Congressman Scott DesJarlais Sure Likes Abortion, by Amanda Marcotte:

It doesn't quite seem right to call Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais a hypocrite. Yes, the anti-abortion congressman pressured one of his multitudes of mistresses to have an abortion and,as has now been reported, supported his then-wife in having two more, and then turned around and ran for office while portraying himself as a "pro-life" family man. But the "pro-life family man" motif has always been just a genteel cover for base sexism, a way of putting a positive spin on the belief that women are a second class of human, put on earth to serve men—making DesJarlais simply an enthusiastic advocate of his own worldview. . . .

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