Sunday, August 26, 2012

Could Obamacare Reduce Abortion Rate? Romneycare Likely Reduced Abortion Rate, Could Obamacare Do the Same?, by Amanda Marcotte:

One of the scare tactics of opponents of the Affordable Care Act was to float the idea that it would increase the abortion rate, by giving women who were previously forced to give birth out of a lack of abortion funding a chance at insurance coverage. This fear nearly tanked the law, and only by signing an executive order that strongly limits the right of insurance companies to cover abortion was Obama able to save his signature legislation. Now new statistics have come out from the state of Massachusetts, whose health care law signed by Mitt Romney is almost exactly like the ACA—except without the abortion restrictions. Guess what? Instead of the predicted spike in abortions, it turns out that expanding women's access to comprehensive health care quite likely lowered the abortion rate in Massachusetts. . . .

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