Sunday, August 12, 2012

Not All Pregnant Women See Charms of 3-D Fetus Statues

The Huffington Post: 3-D Fetus Statues Get Thumbs Down From Pregnant Moms, by David Moye:

Three dimensional ultrasound photos are becoming increasingly common, but a Japanese engineering company is using the technology to create statues from sonograms that some might consider embryo art. . . .

But while the company flack said the customers have been satisfied, pregnant women who viewed the video thought the concept was fetally flawed. . . .


This is interesting in light of the anti-choice movement's fervent efforts to portray embryos and fetuses as morally equivalent to fully developed children and as completely separate from the women who carry them within their bodies.  The fact that many women seem to find the 3-D models "creepy" suggests that, notwithstanding the prevalence of ultrasound imaging, pregnant women find it unnatural and unsettling to regard the fetus as an entity severed from their own bodies.


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