Monday, August 13, 2012

More Analysis of Arizona's Post-20-Week "Fetal Pain" Abortion Ban

RH Reality Check: How to Save an Unconstitutional Abortion Ban, As Dictated by the Supreme Court, by Jessica Mason Pieklo:

There are a number of things to be troubled about in U.S. District Court Judge James Teilborg's decision to uphold HB 2036, an Arizona law that makes it a felony to have an abortion after 20 weeks gestation. But one of the most dangerous signals in the opinion is the federal court's willing acceptance of the idea that an otherwise unconstitutional abortion ban may be salvaged so long as that ban only affects just a few women. . . .

Politico: Abortion-rights groups absent on pain laws, by Kathryn Smith:

When new limits on abortions are proposed, abortion-rights groups usually go all out to stop them.

So why haven’t they gone all out against state fetal-pain laws, enacted in nine states since early 2010? . . .

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