Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Abortion Clinic Landlord's Response to Protesters Yields Many Volunteers

Boston Globe: A voice of change on abortion, by Joanna Weiss:

Todd Stave did not set out to be an activist. But because he is the son of an abortion provider, activists have thrust themselves upon him.

When he was 16, his father’s office was firebombed in the middle of the night. When he was in college, his father called and asked if his roommate could bring him a welder: Some protesters had broken through security and chained themselves to his operating table.

And though Stave, now 44, grew up to become an airplane salesman and an energy entrepreneur, he inherited his father’s reproductive-health clinic in suburban Maryland. So when LeRoy Carhart — one of the few doctors in America who admits to performing late-term abortions — started working there, the protesters found Stave. . . .


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