Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tory MP's Attempt to Reopen Abortion Debate in Canada Meets Resistance

Canada flagThe Spectator:  Abortion will always be ‘part of society,’ Tory MP says, by Bruce Campion-Smith:

Abortion will never be eliminated and anti-abortion activists should stop trying to impose their will on others by making it illegal, a senior Conservative MP says.

Government whip Gordon O’Connor delivered a pro-choice message Thursday night in response to a private member’s bill from a Tory MP seen by many as an effort to reopen the abortion debate. . . .

The Toronto Star (op-ed column): Conservative anti-abortion debate ends in shock, awe, giggles, by Heather Mallick:

When does human life begin? When strangers’ eyes meet across a crowded room, obviously. It’s romantic, it’s wild, it’s out of control and kind of sticky.

But Kitchener MP Stephen Woodworth thinks it’s less fun than that. On Thursday in the House of Commons, he raised the magic moment of conception and its progress, defying Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s wish not to reopen the abortion debate.

For Harper does realize that ending abortion rights is a giant Wildrose-lake-of-fire loser of votes for him. . . .


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