Monday, April 30, 2012

Unmarried Women Aged 20-29 at High Risk for Unintended Pregnancy

Guttmacher Institute: Young Adulthood is a Period of High Risk for Unintended Pregnancy and Birth, by Lauren Carmin: Image1

Increased Use of Highly Effective Contraceptive Methods Can Have a Real Impact in Reducing Risk

More than two-thirds of pregnancies among unmarried women aged 20–29 were unintended in 2008, according to "Unintended Pregnancy: Incidence and Outcomes Among Young Adult Unmarried Women in the United States, 2001 and 2008," by Mia Zolna and Laura Duberstein Lindberg of the Guttmacher Institute. By comparison, only half of pregnancies among all women of reproductive age were unintended. In 2008, nearly 10% of unmarried women aged 20-29 (95 per 1,000) experienced an unintended pregnancy. Moreover, this represents a slight increase since 2001, when it stood at 92 per 1,000. . . .

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