Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Idaho Legislator Introduces Pre-Abortion Ultrasound Bill

The Spokesman Review: Pre-abortion ultrasound bill introduced in Idaho, by Betsy Z. Russell: Image1

BOISE - Controversial anti-abortion legislation that caused a brouhaha before being withdrawn in Virginia was introduced in Idaho today, to require an ultrasound before any Idaho woman could have an abortion.

The issue is that at very early stages of pregnancy, before six to eight weeks gestation, a regular abdominal ultrasound doesn’t provide a clear picture of the fetus, requiring instead an invasive transvaginal ultrasound, a procedure that includes penetration of the patient with an ultrasound wand. Idaho Senate Assistant Majority Leader Chuck Winder, R-Meridian, said the original version of his bill specifically mentioned that procedure, but he removed it.

“It didn’t require it, but in my opinion it was confusing … so we took it out,” Winder said. . . .

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