Monday, January 16, 2012

NYC Teen Sex Public Service Announcement Causes Stir

NY1 Online: Clinic CEO Defends Controversial Teen Sex Public Service Announcement:

After a new set of public service announcements from the Community Healthcare Network about sex caused a minor stir, Inside City Hall’s Errol Louis spoke with Catherine Abate, the CEO and president of the clinic, and Anthony Murray, a senior at University Heights High School who co-wrote and co-directed one of the PSAs.

New York Daily News: Safe sex web series launches using city teens speaking in slang using terms like 'Raw Dogging', by Simone Weichselbaum:

A new web series starring city teens talking racy street lingo about safe sex, STDs, and pregnancy will air Thursday.

“More Than Just Sex” features five public service announcement-styled videos on the popular site where baby-faced actors use terms like “raw dogging” to describe not wearing a condom. . . .

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