Monday, December 5, 2011

Supposedly Progressive Hollywood’s Not So Progressive Portrayal of Abortion Why is Hollywood still terrified of abortion?, by Mary Elizabeth Williams: Image1

Forty years after Roe, abortion's so traumatic in films that it leads to suicide -- and teens deliver half-vampires

Of course Bella would keep Edward’s baby. Dammit, she loves her sparkly vampire husband. She doesn’t care about the concerns of her family and friends, their pleas that she consider the risks of carrying a hellspawn to term. Like Julia Roberts’ saintly, ill-fated Shelby in “Steel Magnolias,” who pursues a pregnancy because she “would rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special” (and subsequently dies for it), Bella knows it’s her body, her choice. And a “Twilight” franchise dreamed up by a nice Mormon lady isn’t going to include a scene of newlywed, saved-herself-for-the-wedding night Bella trotting down to Planned Parenthood for a quickie D&C. No, her devotion to life is so great that it extends to life that isn’t even quite human.

Authentic to its characters as it may be, the gruesomely traditional blockbuster “Breaking Dawn” illustrates an unavoidable reality of contemporary cinema — that whether you’re in the mysterious realm of vampires or the corridors of power, normal, untraumatic abortion barely exists. . . .

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Illinois Supreme Court Will Hear Appeal in Challenge to State's Parental Notice for Abortion Act

ACLU Illinois: Illinois Supreme Court to Hear Appeal in Challenge to Illinois' Parental Notice Act: Image1

November 30, 2011 – This morning, the Illinois Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal from the State of Illinois in a lawsuit brought by the ACLU of Illinois challenging the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act. The ACLU of Illinois contends that the Act poses a significant threat to the health and well-being of vulnerable teens in Illinois and violates the Illinois Constitution. The law remains under injunction and is not being enforced. . . .

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New York Woman Charged with Crime of Self-Abortion

The New York Times: After Fetus Is Found in Trash, a Rare Charge of Self-Abortion, by Anemona Hartocollis:

A superintendent in Washington Heights was tying up a garbage bag on Tuesday evening when he felt an errant piece of plastic. He reached into the bag to put it in the recycling bin, and to his horror, he said, “that’s when I saw the baby.”

It was a fetus about six or seven inches long.

The police said Thursday that they had charged Yaribely Almonte, 20, who had lived in the building, with self-abortion in the first degree, a misdemeanor charge that has been used only a few times in New York State. Although it was unclear how old the fetus was, the charge applies when the abortion occurs after 24 weeks of pregnancy, when it is legal only if a woman’s doctor says her life is in danger. . . .

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NPR Reports on Catholic Leaders' Resistance to New Contraceptive Regulations

NPR: Faith Debates: Free Contraception, New Liturgy:

Catholics leaders are roiled by President Obama's heath care overhaul that will require insurance plans to cover free contraceptives. And some priests and parishioners are wondering if a new liturgy, one moving closer to Latin, will bring people closer to God. Host Michel Martin speaks with Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter. . . .


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Bachmann Criticizes Gingrich For Saying Life Begins at Implantation

Politicker NY: Michele Bachmann Doesn't Think Newt Gingrich Is Nearly Pro-Life Enough, by Hunter Walker:

BachmannMinnesota Congresswoman and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann blasted her rival Newt Gingrich for his position on babymaking. In an interview with ABC reporter Jake Tapper today, Mr. Gingrich said he believes human life begins at implantation. Congresswoman Bachmann responded by releasing a statement criticizing Mr. Gingrich’s position and making it known she believes life begins the moment an embryo is conceived. . . .

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