Friday, September 23, 2011

Republicans Target Planned Parenthood

Huffington Post: The Republican Plan for Planned Parenthood, by Linda Flanagan & Sarah Sangree:

Like their classmates around the state, 4th graders in public schools in Summit, N.J. this year will be shepherded into class by the school nurse, separated by gender, and formally introduced to "human growth and development" -- what we used to call sex ed. They'll sit through a power point presentation on puberty, hear a bit about the pimples, body odor, and cliques that go with it, and file back to class. It all takes about 45 minutes.

Sounds pretty routine, but here in leafy, upscale Summit, N.J., where still-employed investment bankers and graduate degrees are the norm, this bland curriculum triggered a small but well-organized firestorm in 2010. It turns out that the school administration and nurses, responding to state requirements, had decided to use some resource materials supplied by Planned Parenthood for the 4th and 5th grade curricula. Planned Parenthood's name would not appear anywhere on the materials, but some residents would have none of it. . . .

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