Friday, September 9, 2011

In NYC, Chelsea Has Highest Abortion Rate

Huffington Post: Chelsea Has The Highest Rate Of Abortions In New York City:

A study released by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reveals Chelsea to have the highest abortion rate in New York City, with 67.23 percent of pregnancies ending in abortion.

Jamaica, Central Harlem, Greenwich Village, and Bedford-Stuyvesant also ranked high on the list. The neighborhood with the lowest abortion rate is the Upper East Side, which also happens to be Manhattan's safest neighborhood as well.

The neighborhood breakdown came after the Chiaroscuro Foundation, which "believes that every individual deserves an opportunity to experience life’s bounty—and that every human being first of all deserves to live" requested the city's 2009 abortion statistics be further outlined by zipcode, according to Gothamist. . . .

See also: RH Reality Check: New York Anti-Choice Group Decries Abortion Rate While Opposing Sex Ed and Family Planning, by Jodi Jacobson:

At this point, it's no secret that anti-choice groups in the United States oppose the fundamental rights of women to determine whether and when to bear--and undertake the lifelong responsibility of parenting--a child when facing an unintended and untenable pregnancy.

Only more recently, however, has their real agenda become unequivocally clear: They are also adamantly against contraception and sexual health education, the very things that reduce rates of unintended pregnancies--and hence the need for abortion--in the first place.

But rarely do events underscore the forced birth agenda of such groups so blatantly as did the actions this month of the Chiaroscuro Foundation of New York. . . .

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