Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bachmann Embraces "Confrontation" With Supreme Court Over Abortion Rights

Huffington Post: Bachmann Says She'd Confront Supreme Court Over Abortion Rights, by Jon Ward:

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann diverged on Monday over whether they would push the nation to the verge of a constitutional crisis over the issue of abortion rights.

During a Republican presidential primary forum designed to test the candidates' conservative bona fides, Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, said that if he were elected president, he wouldn't enter a showdown with the Supreme Court -- which ruled in 1973 that abortion is allowed under the constitution -- by passing a bill through Congress to make abortion illegal. Bachmann, a Republican congresswoman from Minnesota, said she would.

"If the Supreme Court, by a plurality of the justices, may impose their own personal morality on the rest of the nation, then we are quite literally being ruled by those individuals as opposed to giving our consent to the people's representatives," Bachmann said.

Pressed whether she would be prepared for "a confrontation" with the court, Bachmann said: "Most assuredly.". . .


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