Sunday, August 21, 2011

Makers of Anti-Abortion Film “Bloodmoney” Seek to Influence Youth

The Washington Independent: Low-budget anti-abortion rights film director aims to influence more policy, get message to youth, by Sofia Resnick:

Despite its minuscule marketing budget and no national distributor, the anti-abortion rights film “Bloodmoney” has already influenced public policy. “Bloodmoney” filmmakers are hoping that as more people, particularly high school and university students, see the film, the impact on the abortion debate will go even further.

“Bloodmoney” was produced by Maryland-based TAH LLC and tells the story of legalized abortion in America from the perspective of some of the most powerful anti-abortion rights activists in the country. The film’s director, David K. Kyle, recently told The American Independent he sells copies of “Bloodmoney’ regularly, though it has not been screened in any U.S. movie theater.

The film’s various narratives tread familiar ground: that abortion intentionally targets African-Americans (narrator Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, says that abortion has caused more damage to the black community than slavery); that abortion directly leads to suicide and psychological damage; and that abortion providers are money-hungry and negligent. . . .

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