Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Right-Wingers Blame Pro-Choice Movement and Multiculturalism for Norway Massacre

Salon.com: Right-wingers blame multiculturalism, abortion for Norway massacre, by Alex Pareene:

Anders Breivik's favorite American pundits show no shame in blaming liberals, Muslims for right-wing terror 

After just about every professional conservative chatterer with a blog or a Twitter account rushed to blame Islamic jihadists for the bombing and gun massacre in Norway last Friday, it was revealed that the actual killer was, in fact, a white, Christian, Norwegian-born man, named Anders Breivik. It was further revealed that Breivik is, politically, more or less a Scandinavian Tea Partyer, obsessed with the imagined threat of the Islamification of Europe, and an avowed opponent of "multiculturalism."

Breivik is a psychopath, but he is a psychopath whose politics are indistinguishable from Pamela Geller's, to name one American right-winger whose work was approvingly cited by Breivik in his extensive writing. . . .


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