Thursday, July 28, 2011

Minnesota Sees Record Drop in Abortions

Star Tribune: Marked drop in state abortions likely sets a record low, officials say, by Eric Roper:


Advocates on both sides take credit for the drop.


The number of abortions in Minnesota took a dive last year to the lowest levels since 1975, and the rate of abortions among females of childbearing years may be the smallest on record, according to new data from the Minnesota Department of Health.


Abortions in Minnesota have declined steadily since 2006, but last year's 7 percent drop represents the largest annual percentage decline in almost 20 years.


In 2010, 11,505 abortions were performed in Minnesota -- 10,570 among state residents -- almost entirely by six clinics in the Twin Cities area.


The rate of Minnesotans receiving abortions, which takes into account population estimates, is believed to be lower than any previously recorded by the Health Department since it began tracking the numbers in 1975. State officials said the rate was 10.1 per 1,000 females ages 15-44, but they based the figure on 2009 population estimates until updated 2010 census data are available.


Experts could not say exactly why the numbers have fallen dramatically. Abortion rights advocates credited increased access to affordable contraception, while abortion foes pointed to legislative actions over the past decade. . . .

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