Thursday, July 21, 2011

Arizona Anti-Abortion Law Enjoined Pending Court Challenge

Arizona Capitol Times: With law on hold, availability of nonsurgical abortions continues - for now, by Maggie Pingolt:


WASHINGTON – A sharp drop in surgical abortion procedures in Arizona has been offset in recent years by a corresponding rise in nonsurgical procedures — the abortion pill.


And the availability of those pills is unlikely to change for at least a month. A law that was set to take effect Wednesday, requiring that only physicians administer the abortion pill, has been put on hold until at least Aug. 22 pending the outcome of a court challenge.


The lawsuit filed by Arizona Planned Parenthood has also delayed implementation of other parts of the law that would stiffen consent requirements for women seeking abortions and would increase standards for ultrasound imaging.


But the fight over the abortion pill, and who can administer it, is the focus of the controversy. . . .

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