Friday, June 17, 2011

New Book Addresses Growing Global Sex Imbalance Due to Sex-Selective Abortions

Sex_symbols Are the world's women disappearing?, by Mandy Van Deven:

The balance between males and females is becoming increasingly skewed. An expert explains why we should be worried

What would our world be like if it contained far fewer women? It may seem like the stuff of post-apocalyptic fiction, but according to journalist Mara Hvistendahl, the author of "Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men," truth is coming closer to fiction. According to Hvistendahl, a science writer and correspondent for Science magazine, the world is currently experiencing a demographic shift that is tilting our population in favor of men.

The main source of her concern is the fact that a growing number of parents in various parts of the world have been using ultrasound technology to determine the sex of their fetus and, in a disturbing number of cases, terminating females. Based on personal anecdotes and research from fields as disparate as demography, sociology, economics and genetics, Hvistendahl speculates about what this means for everything from bride buying and sex trafficking to male violence, and why it might be causing global unrest. . . .

See also: The Leonard Lopate Show (WNYC): The Consequences of Choosing Boys Over Girls:

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