Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Controversial Anti-Abortion Billboard in Oakland Targets African-American Women

WDAM: Anti-abortion billboard stirs controversy in community:


OAKLAND, CA (KTVU/CNN) – An anti-abortion billboard aimed at African-American women is creating a stir in Oakland, CA. Image1  


Across the street from the West Oakland Bart Station, there's a billboard with a picture of an infant profile, the title reads, "Black is Beautiful."


Walter Hoye III is the man behind the billboards and is the founder of an Oakland-based non-profit group called issues for life foundation.


"I'm looking to raise awareness and I'm looking to create an environment for dialogue," Hoye said.

Since the billboards are in Congresswoman Barbara Lee's district, she's not happy about them.


"They stigmatize African-American women, they're not a positive message," Lee said. "All women should have a right to make their own decisions without anyone interfering with those personal decisions." . . .

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