Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sorting Out the Anti-Abortion Free-for-All

JURIST Op-Ed: The New Attacks on Constitutional Reproductive Rights, by Caitlin Borgmann:

The scores of anti-abortion bills pending and passing across the country following the November elections, including that just passed by the House of Representatives, present an astounding array of schemes for curtailing abortion. The measures generally follow one of three lines of attack. The first approach is to push at the boundaries of the constitutional framework currently governing abortion laws and to make abortions as difficult as possible to obtain, even as women's right to abortion remains theoretically intact. A second approach aims to goad Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Supreme Court's swing vote on abortion, into beginning to dismantle that constitutional framework (which he helped to create). The final and most radical approach ignores the framework altogether and seeks to ban abortion from the earliest stages of embryonic development. . . .

Los Angeles Times: Antiabortion measures flooding state legislatures, by Robin Abcarian:

Energized by Republican gains in the last election and still stinging from the passage of President Obama's healthcare overhaul, conservative lawmakers in statehouses around the country have put forward a torrent of measures aimed at restricting abortion.

The measures now under consideration in dozens of states reflect advances in technology and a political cycle that has reempowered a reliably antiabortion bloc — conservative Republicans — on the state and federal levels. . . .

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