Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Theorizing About the Increased Attacks on Abortion Rights

Salon: What's really driving the GOP's abortion war, by Amanda Marcotte:

Repub elephant When Republicans profited from the miserable economy to sweep up huge wins in last fall's election, most political watchers figured they knew what was coming: budget cuts, privatization of more government functions, and tax cuts for the wealthy. The push to dismantle public sector unions has been a bit of a surprise, but not a jarring one.

But what seems to have thrown everyone -- save for a handful of embittered and neglected pro-choice activists -- for a loop is the way Republican lawmakers at both the national and state levels have focused so intently on the uteruses of America. Republicans appear to believe that the women of America have wildly mismanaged these uteruses in the four decades since the Supreme Court gave them control over them -- and now that Republicans have even a little bit of power, they’re going to bring this reign of female tyranny over uteruses to an end. . . .

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