Sunday, February 6, 2011

Progressive Groups Defend Planned Parenthood in Face of Mounting Attacks

The Nation: Piling on Against Planned Parenthood, by Sharon Lerner:

The next videogate episode is out! This one features Planned Parenthood worker Amy Woodruff advising a man posing as a sex trafficker on how to get health care for girls as young as 14 who, he implies, work for him as prostitutes. If the gotcha! is reminiscent of the deceptively edited tapes that cost Shirley Sherrod her job at the US Department of Agriculture or the separate fake pimp scandal that brought down the community organization Acorn, that’s probably because it was produced by antichoice activist Lila Rose—the president of an organization, Live Action, who, since 2006 has collaborated with the mastermind of those previous episodes, James O’Keefe. . .

See also: Politico: Liberal groups defend Planned Parenthood, by Kate Nocera: 

Liberal groups are banding together to come to the defense of Planned Parenthood in the wake of the recent controversy over videos taped inside the clinics. Conservative groups say that the films provide more than enough evidence for Congress to immediately de-fund the women’s health centers.

Today, 27 progressive groups sent a letter to congress, obtained exclusively by POLITICO, that calls for politicians to protect funding for Planned Parenthood. The letter labels the hidden-camera videos as a “digital witch hunt.” . . .

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