Saturday, November 27, 2010

LSRJ Survey Shows Few Law Schools Offer Reproductive Rights Courses

LSRJ Announces Results of First National Reproductive Rights Law & Justice Course Survey:

Only 18% of U.S. Law Schools Have Offered Reproductive Rights Law Courses

In a recently released study, Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ) has found that fewer than one-fifth of ABA-approved law schools offered a reproductive rights law & justice course over the last seven years.  Among the 32 schools—located in 17 different states—that have offered their students a formal opportunity to study reproductive rights law as part of their legal training, there were 37 separate courses and instructor-led reading groups that have been taught at least once.  More than one-third of known classes have resulted from advocacy by LSRJ chapters.

For the Course Survey, click here.

See also: RH Reality Check: Defending Your Rights? Study Finds Few Law Schools Offer Training in Reproductive Justice, by Liz Kukura:

Advocates working in the reproductive rights, health, and justice movements know that training is important.  Whatever medium, forum, or discipline we work in, we know there are important skills and lessons to be learned, enabling us to do our work more thoughtfully and effectively.  Sometimes we face challenges obtaining the training and mentorship we need and, as in the case of abortion training in residency programs, advocates must work to create or improve access to skill-building opportunities.  In other contexts we may not even realize where the gaps in training are until we are challenged to step back and assess the landscape from a broader perspective.  Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ) is committed to making sure that law students understand those gaps while in law school and that they ultimately secure the tools necessary to fill them. . . .

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