Saturday, November 20, 2010

ACLU Defends Girls Who Wore "I ♥ Boobies" Bracelets to School

Time Magazine: I ♥ Boobies: ACLU Defends Girls' Right to Wear Sassy Bracelets, by Bonnie Rochman:

I ♥ boobies. They nourish children. They define a woman's silhouette. And sometimes, they turn toxic.

It's the latter that's the subject of Monday's free-speech lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Pennsylvania on behalf of two local schoolgirls who were suspended for wearing “I ♥ Boobies! (Keep A Breast)” bracelets. . . .

It was the ultimate irony: getting suspended on breast cancer awareness day for wearing breast cancer awareness bracelets. So the girls' moms phoned the ACLU. “We don't think our girls should be punished for this,” they said. “We don't think the bracelets are offensive.”  . . .
The school system disagrees. Boys were making inappropriate comments about the bracelets, approaching girls wearing them to proclaim, “I love your boobies,” and some teachers complained the message trivializes the seriousness of breast cancer. . . .

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