Thursday, October 28, 2010

IRS Sees Penis Pumps, But Not Breast Pumps, As Legitimate Medical Devices

Louisville Examiner: Internal Revenue Service approves treatment of common bodily functions by gender [Fitness and health], by Rachel Hurd Anger:

Nursing mothers, take note: your milk is not superior or necessary, so says the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS?

If you have an HSA or FSA, untaxed earnings saved and allocated for medical expenses, IRS has ruled that the benefits of breast milk are not great enough to qualify a breast pump as a legitimate medical device. How did that happen? Because the IRS gets a say in what you purchase with your tax-free income. . . .

The New York Times: Acne Cream? Tax-Sheltered. Breast Pump? No., by David Kocieniewski:

Breast Pump Denture wearers will get a tax break on the cost of adhesives to keep their false teeth in place. So will acne sufferers who buy pimple creams.

People whose children have severe allergies might even be allowed the break for replacing grass with artificial turf since it could be considered a medical expense.

But nursing mothers will not be allowed to use their tax-sheltered health care accounts to pay for breast pumps and other supplies.

That is because the Internal Revenue Service has ruled that breast-feeding does not have enough health benefits to qualify as a form of medical care. . . .

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