Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anti-Choice Groups Spread Misinformation About New Emergency Contraceptive, Ella

NARAL: Blog for Choice: Fight Back Against Anti-Choice Attacks on Ella®:

You've probably already heard about ella®, the new type of emergency contraception (EC) that the FDA approved last month. ella® can prevent unintended pregnancy up to five days after sex. If a primary form of birth control fails, like a condom breaks, ella® can help.

It's no big surprise that the folks at Family Research Council, an extreme anti-choice and anti-gay organization, are already on the warpath against ella®. They have a long history of trying to confuse people into thinking that EC causes abortion (and, let's be clear, that's a big lie).

This time, the Family Research Council has banded together with other anti-choice groups like Americans United for Life and Concerned Women for America. A key part of their plot to block women's access to ella® is getting anti-choice activists to spread misinformation about the medication to pharmacists. They want to take away women's choices by convincing pharmacists not to stock this important contraceptive. . . .

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