Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teen-Friendly Retail Chain's New Maternity Line Stirs Controversy

Broadsheet ( Is Forever 21 glamorizing teen pregnancy?, by Sara Libby:   

The youth-friendly chain stirs up controversy by launching a maternity line 

I recently marveled at the sheer ginormousness of the Forever 21 store that opened in downtown Washington D.C. this weekend. Occupying a former multi-level furniture store space, it is a far cry from the tiny mall outposts that used to comprise the chain. But, thanks to Forever 21's ability to feed teens' insatiable appetite for "fast fashion" -- pieces that replicate the most up-to-the-minute trends at prices (and quality) so low that they’re usually worn only a few times and discarded -- the chain has snowballed into a $2 billion brand that legitimately competes with behemoths like H&M.

Despite all of that success, Forever 21 is still looking to appeal to even more girls. Having already reached out to plus-sized customers with the launch of its Faith 21 line last year, the chain has unveiled a new effort aimed at the temporarily plus-sized, i.e., expectant mothers. Given that the store as a whole targets tweens and teens, dedicating a portion of the store to maternity clothes is understandably causing a stir. On top of that, there is the fact that the maternity line is premiering in five states, three of which carry the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country. . . .

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