Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Family Guy" Abortion Episode Banned by Fox Will Be Released on DVD

Broadsheet ( American TV: Still not ready for an abortion, by Mary Elizabeth Williams:

Emotionally loaded, bitterly divisive issue, meet taboo-busting, equal-opportunity-offending comedy show. What took you so long?

When "Family Guy" creators announced a year ago they were ready to take on abortion, its network, Fox, gave creator Seth MacFarlane and his writers its blessing. When they got a load of the "Partial Terms of Endearment" episode, however, they backed off on airing it. But behind every creative controversy, there's a golden branding opportunity, and Fox's somewhat less conflicted home video arm is releasing the reproductive-choice-themed episode as a stand-alone DVD in September, under the gotta-have-it "BANNED FROM TV!" banner. Monetizing the controversy with a clever "too-hot for television" promotion? Seems just a little like having an abortion and getting your baby too. . . .

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