Friday, March 12, 2010

Blogosphere in Uproar Over Breast-Milk Cheese

The Check-Up (Wash. Post): What's the big deal about breast-milk cheese?, by Jennifer LaRue Huget:

Much as I love a pun, I plan to distinguish myself from the other bloggers who have written in the past few days about the New York City chef who made cheese from his wife's breast milk by refraining from using terms such as keeping "abreast" of the news.

I further distinguish myself by actually having talked with Daniel Angerer, chef at the Klee Brasserie and creator of said cheese. (He and wife Lori Mason own the restaurant.)

According to Angerer, he got the idea to make breast-milk cheese when his wife's milk supply proved more than ample for feeding their month-old daughter. As the freezer grew fuller, the couple looked into donating to a milk bank. That process, they learned, takes some time, as the donor needs to be screened to make sure her milk is safe for others to consume.

In the meantime, Angerer, who says he is preparing to open a cheese restaurant, figured he'd see what kind of cheese mother's milk would make. It took some effort to turn two gallons of his wife's milk into serviceable cheese, as human milk doesn't curdle and needs added ingredients to help it along the path to cheesehood. He documented the whole process in great detail on his blog. . . .

Still, the blogosphere has been in a predictable uproar. Angerer, no stranger to publicity, notes that, "As soon as a boob is involved here in America, it seems to become sexual." . . .

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