Sunday, February 7, 2010

NYU Review of Law & Social Change: Symposium on "Broadening the Lens of Sexual & Reproductive Rights"

This blog will be posting abstracts from participants in an upcoming symposium hosted by the NYU Review of Law & Social Change, "From Page to Practice: Broadening the Lens for Sexual & Reproductive Rights," on February 12.  The editors invite comments from readers on these abstracts.

Via the NYU Review of Law & Social Change:

While most legal symposia consist of academics speaking at length about their current research intended for publication in an upcoming journal symposium issue, the NYU Review of Law & Social Change is seeking to do something different in its February 12th symposium, From Page to Practice: Broadening the Lens for Sexual & Reproductive Rights. As part of the Page to Practice model, they are integrating practitioner voices into the discussion. Through the conversations that develop, the symposium planners hope to bring an on the ground critical lens to academic work and encourage collaborations around strategy that extend beyond traditional silos.

As part of this collaborative model, we are posting some of the academic presenters’ abstracts here. Given that this is a one-day symposium, the organizers hope to begin the conversations early through comments and ideas posted on blogs. For more information about the symposium, please see the invitation below.

Please join the New York University Review of Law & Social Change on Friday, February 12, 2010 at From Page to Practice:  Broadening the Lens for Reproductive and Sexual Rights, a free symposium hosted at NYU School of Law.   

From Page to Practice: Broadening the Lens for Reproductive and Sexual Rights seeks to bridge the gap between legal academic scholarship and practitioners’ experiencescritically explore different frameworks for thinking about issues of sexual and reproductive rights and how these frameworks may impact our work. The symposium will first focus on the reproductive justice framework and its expansive vision of what issues constitute our right to reproductive justice. This concept has become increasingly popular among organizers and activists, and we hope to engage legal academics and practitioners regarding the implications for their work. Second, the symposium will explore the use of a framework that focuses on values and morality. Lastly, it will focus on using a human rights framework to reach our goals. While these frameworks cannot really be separated from each other, as there are critical shared concepts that underpin all of them, each panel will take on a different focus. For a full agenda, including panels and participants, please click HERE.

This symposium will encourage a critical analysis of the role of litigation and its relationship to legislation, organizing, and education in contributing to a frame shift for reproductive and sexual rights.  Furthermore, the symposium will facilitate consideration of positive rights and strategies that lawyers and scholars may pursue to guarantee those rights through government, individual, and community action.

Confirmed panelists include an interdisciplinary group of academics and advocates representing a variety of organizations and institutions.  To read all panelists' profiles, click HERE. We are posting short pieces by some panelists on the following blogs: Law Students for Reproductive Justice and Reproductive Rights Prof blog. Please read their writings and contribute to the conversation by clicking on either link.

We invite you to come be a part of this conversation. Registration is free and open to the public. 6 CLE credits are available. Please register HERE.

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