Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Women Blame Sexual Assault Survivors Why women blame rape victims, by Tracy Clark-Flory:

A new survey showing female finger-pointing over sexual assaults should come as no surprise

When it comes to rape, women may not be a girl's best friend. That's according to a new survey finding that more than half of women think sexual assault victims should take some responsibility for their own attack. By the speed at which this news is whipping around the Web, you might think it came as a shock -- but there's no surprise here.

The online survey, creepily titled "Wake Up To Rape," of 1,061 Londoners between the ages of 18 and 50 also found that a fifth of women believed the victim was responsible "if they went back to the assailant's house" and one in eight said "that dancing provocatively, flirtatious behaviour, or wearing revealing clothing made them partly to blame," according to Reuters UK. Another behavior meriting culpability, according to nearly three quarters of lady respondents, is willingly climbing into bed with the eventual attacker. In other words: Personal rights are forfeited at the bedroom door. . . .

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