Tuesday, January 26, 2010

KY Senate Passes Bill Requiring Ultrasound Before Abortion

Courier-Journal.com: Senate passes ultrasound abortion bill, by Joseph Gerth:

Ultrasound FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Senate passed legislation Monday that would require doctors to show a woman an ultrasound image of her fetus and explain how it is developing before performing an abortion.

Senate Bill 38 passed 32-4 and now goes to the House, where similar measures have died in committee in the past.

As with current law, SB 38 would require doctors or someone designated by them to meet with a woman seeking an abortion at least 24 hours beforehand to explain the procedure. But the meeting would have to be face-to-face; under current law doctors are allowed to conduct that meeting over the telephone.

Also, the bill would require the ultrasound. Doctors would have to tell the woman about development "which shall include the dimensions of the embryo or fetus and the presence of external members and internal organs, if present and viewable." . . . 


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