Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two Missouri Abortion-Related Ballot Initiatives Are Approved for Circulation

Kansas City Star: Two Missouri ballot initiatives on abortion-related issues OK'd, by Jason Noble:

Balllor JEFFERSON CITY | Two ballot initiatives concerning abortion were approved for circulation this week by the Missouri secretary of state.

One of the proposals would prohibit state and local governments from providing funds to medical facilities for some research and services, including abortion and certain types of stem-cell research.

The other would define the term “person” to include all human beings from the beginning of biological development and grant such persons constitutional rights. Advocates and opponents of the initiative say the change would ban abortion.

Both initiatives would change the state constitution. To get them on the ballot for a statewide popular vote, supporters must gather signatures from at least 8 percent of voters in six of the nine Congressional districts — about 150,000 signatures.

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