Friday, September 11, 2009

NOW Weighs in on Health Care Reform and Reproductive Health

National Organization for Women: NOW Urges Single-Payer as Best for Women:

Says Reproductive Health Care Must Be Covered

NOW President Barack Obama's address to Congress and the people of the United States resonates at a time when people are fed up with the health care status quo because it is not working. The National Organization for Women is pleased President Obama mentioned the need for a public option to provide health care to those not currently served by the profit-driven private insurance industry.

As activists, we also acknowledge that the steps he outlined fall short of a guarantee of comprehensive health care for all, including the full range of reproductive health services required to ensure equality for women. We must assert our human rights as the debates continue.

Women do need consumer protection against abuses by health insurers, particularly against so-called pre-existing conditions, which so often and outrageously have been applied to exclude pregnancy and maternal care. . . .

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