Friday, August 28, 2009

Effort to Mandate Protected Sex in Porn Industry Faces Resistance

Broadsheet ( Porn's last taboo: Protected sex, by Tracy Clark-Flory:

Condoms The industry is resisting a push for condom-only smut and not just because it makes far less money

You won't find "Debbie Does Condoms" or "Jenna Loves Prophylactics" on offer from any of the major porn studios, but that could all change thanks to an ongoing campaign to require rubbers in hardcore flicks. From the outside, it seems a rather admirable way to protect porn actors from the consumer push for risky bareback porn, as I wrote a couple months back. The approach seems basically humanist – or even feminist, considering that female porn actors are most at risk for contracting HIV in straight porn. But, I'm finding that there are actually some Magnum-sized issues with such legislation. Late last week, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation filed an official complaint against 16 pornographers for producing films featuring unprotected sex and promised to raise hell until condoms are mandated throughout the industry. . . .

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